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Server Information

Server Statistics:
Max Level: Level 200
Max Class Rank: Class Rank 18
Honor Point: Class 10
Reset System: Disabled(NO RESET)
Life Time Platinum/Premium on All Accounts.
24/7 Online
Instant Additional 450 Stats upon Character Creation.
4 Times Daily TG/Mwar
Custom Mobs.
Custom Drops.
Custom Channels.

Exp : 2000x
Skill : 800x
Craft : 150x
Drop : 99x
Bomb : 75x
Item : 2 Item Drops/Mob
Alz : 300x

No Need to do the Story Quest  to Get Nation,
     Just open our Mainsite www.cabalbaguionet.com Log-in to "USER PANEL" click "HEROES" and Choose your Nation.
BSLV Class Rank Up Quest Already Activated on All Account. You can Directly get your BSLV Quest from your Instructor From Class Rank 11 to 18.
Don't Need to Go to Dungeons for your Quest. All Monster Needed for Class Rank Up Quest Are All in Hardcore Channel

All Armors and Weapon Drop are 3 Slotted Crafted + 1 Slot Filled w/ 7% Amp SSA/MSA
Blue Lycanus Weapon 3 Slotted Crafted + 1 Slot Filled w/ 7% Amp SSA/MSA
Mithril Armors, Mithril Weapon, Sigmetal Weapon and Many More.
Rw3 Crafted
Blue Bike Crafted
Boards Crafted
Amulets Crafted
Rings Crafted
Earring Crafted Up to +7
Bracelets Crafted Up to +7
Capes Crafted Up to +8

Uch, Fch, Ceh, Uchh, Fchh, Cehh

4 Channels:
Channel 1 - (PVP/PK/Trade) Center
Channel 5 - (Hardcore) Hunting Area
Channel 6 - (Battle WAR) Free Kill
Channel 10 - (Nation War) Tierra Gloriosa

TG/Mwar Daily Time Schedule.
UTC + 08

01:00pm - 02:45 PM
09:30PM - 11:15 PM

Lobby Waiting Time - 15 Minutes
TG/Mwar Time Duration - 1hr. 45min.

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